Fan coils DIVA
آگوست 7, 2017

Fan coils


Cooling capacity: 2.9÷7.8 kW
Heating capacity: 3.7÷9.4 kW

Plus Product

  •  Cassette for 2-pipes-systems
  •  Adjustable movable fins
  •  Remote control (as per standard)
  •  Centralised control panel

Cassette-type fan coil units

Construction features

• Fan coils: cassette-type for installation in false ceilings, with air return and flow directly into the room.

• Finned coil heat exchanger.

• 3 speed fan.

• Structure: load-bearing, in galvanised sheet steel, complete with condensate drain pump (up to 200 mm above the unit) and auxiliary condensation drain pan.

• Damping panel: in ABS polymer (RAL9010) with motorised flow fins adjustable in various positions, return grille and regenerable filter.

• Remote control: supplied as standard.


VTNC – Cassette for 2-pipe-systems

Separately supplied accessories

• 3-way ON/OFF electrovalve.

• 2-way ON/OFF electrovalve.

• Delivery nozzle lock.


For wall mounting installation

➔ Electronic control panel for wall mounting.

➔ Centralised control panel for up to 64 units via serial connection, with daily and weekly time band management.

➔ Serial interface for connection with the control panel (proprietary protocol).

Key: ➔ Supplied loose

Data at the following conditions:
Air: 27°C D.B.; 19°C W.B. – Acqua: 7/12°C.
Air: 20°C – Water: 45/40°C.
Air: 20°C – Water: 50°C, flow rate as in cooling.
Air: 20°C – Water: 70/60°C.
For room volume equal to 100 m³ and reverberation time = 0.5 sec.
E Eurovent certificated performance.